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Shanghai BEM Bearing Co.,Ltd Address:179 Jinhong Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Zip code:201901 Contacts:Jorge Chen Tel:021-31300090 Fax:021-65655008 E-MAIL:sales@www.qwqnz.com


BEMis a world class manufacturer of bearings. For decades, We take customer's satisfaction as our ultimate goal and commitment in serving our customers. We pursue it relentlessly from development through to service and customer support as well as innovations that set benchmarks. The greater the pace of technology advance, The deeper our commitment to it.

We build up our expertise in making quality bearings, systematically, uncompromisingly and precisely over the years. Using state of the art technology and design conecpts, backed by a team of experienced and competent team, the result is a name that enjous reputation for international standards and excellence.

We are growing-with our staff, our customers and our partners. With China's entry to WTO, We have taken the opportunity to extend our presence and our product offerings in this vast, vibrant and evolving economy. We focus in developing our organization to cope with the challenges in this region by investing in our products, our people , our sales and support networks and distribution channels. With the establishment of local manufacturing facilities and representation in major cities throughout China, we are able to provide top class products at affordable prices to our customer. Hence, we strongly believe our commitments and competence will benefit you. We will provide you with access to our practical knowledge in a multitude of ways . we train and support your employees to get the maximum value out of your solutions. Whenever you see the need for precision and reliability, our service and support are close at hand. We go great lengths to ensure that they are where you are. We have an extensive networked service and support at your disposal. It is what you would expect from BEM now and in the future.

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Address:179 Jinhong Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Contacts:Jorge Chen

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