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Shanghai BEM Bearing Co.,Ltd Address:179 Jinhong Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Zip code:201901 Contacts:Jorge Chen Tel:021-31300090 Fax:021-65655008 E-MAIL:sales@www.qwqnz.com

By always selecting the best local raw materials, carrying out the quality control systems strictly, applying advanced precision processing equipment and measurement instruments, as well as advanced product designs and first-class manufacturing process, BEM is approved to be able to provide all customers with expertise ,application services and total solutions.

Carefully choose raw material suppliers in accord with Supplier Approval Procedure, purchase the domestic top raw material according to incoming Inspection Procedure, so BEM ensure consistency of bearings.All raw materials conform to national industry standards. Bearing materials are mainly high purity moulded steel, which can improve service life of bearings, ensure high reliability and reduce unexpected downtime for users. In order to ensure quality of raw materials and outsourced parts used in the manufacturing of high-quality bearing products, we have formulated strict incoming Inspection Procedure, which contains inspections of chemical compositions, high-amplified and low-amplified metallographic structure of raw materials ,physic-chemical analysis of outsourced parts.

Raw Material
Approved premium material
Local famous material supplier
Religious supplier approving & testing procedure
Strict incoming inspection

Heat Treatment
Protective atmosphere can prevent from oxygenizing of components in heat-treatment.
Press quenching can deformation of rings to the best degree.

Manufacturing &Process Control
Lean 6 sigma layout
Air-conditioned workshop
Coolant control & treatment center
SPC system

Contact Us

Address:179 Jinhong Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Contacts:Jorge Chen

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